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9mm Brass Case | 5000 Pcs Per Case


Boost your production efficiency with our precision-crafted 9mm brass cases. Perfect for ammunition manufacturers, these cases ensure reliability and consistency.

Quantity: 5,000 pcs per case

  • 100% optically controlled for flawless dimensional conformance.
  • Consistent dimensions ensure minimal machinery stops, helping achieve production goals.
  • Produced in a NATO-certified facility, meeting and exceeding stringent quality standards.
  • Perfect match for all kind of 9mm projectiles such as FMJ, TMJ, JHP, Solid Copper and Frangible.
  • Customized headstamp available for orders over 1 million pieces.

9mm Brass Case Samples & FMJ Bullet Samples


Would you like to see the quality of our products before committing to a larger order? Order our sample set to test our premium components.

Sample Set Includes:

  • 100 pcs of 9mm Brass Cases
  • 100 pcs of 9mm 115gr or 124gr Round Nose Bullets
  • This sample set allows you to evaluate the precision and quality of our products, ensuring they meet your standards before making a larger purchase.

Please note: We limit purchases to one sample set per customer. If you need more samples or have any questions, please contact us.


Primed 9mm Brass Case | 5000 Pcs Per Case


Double your production speed and achieve flawless loading performance with our high-quality 9mm primed brass cases, ensuring consistent dimensions and minimal machine stoppage.

Quantity: 5,000 primed brass per case

  • Pre-primed brass cases ready for immediate loading
  • Professionally primed with state-of-the-art machinery
  • Cases are 100% optically controlled for dimensional conformance, maximizing production efficiency
  • Ensures minimal machine stoppage, resulting in happier and more productive employees
  • Shipped directly from Florida with 100% DKC backup warranty